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Scalar Energ?y Pendant

The greatest discovery of all time that will revolutionize medical science, treatment and health care.

1. Based on latest discovery in quantum science.                                                                    
2. Amazing Healing Properties.
3. Amazing effect on health
4. Several Scientific reports on scalar energy.
5. Amazing testimonies in USA, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, and recently in India.
6. Humanity can expect more discoveries in the near future using scalar energy.

Made From:

Mineral based high-tech formulated energy pendant made from volcanic lava using Japanese technology. It contains 4500-6000 (-) lons & 12 types of metal.

Benefits of wearing the Pendant:

Our body has 70% of water & our brain has even more than 90% of water but quality of water is indeed critical.

   1. The Pendant improves body’s water quality.
   2. Water able to penetrate our cells hydrating and detoxifying them.
   3. Activates and recharge the body cells instantly, reduces stress, increases the body’s bio-field eliminates jet lags and body pains like headache, toothache, lower back pains arthritis etc.
   4. All harmful electro magnetic radiations are shielded when we wear pendant every day, every hour and every minute.
   5. Improve blood circulation & also increase the blood’s oxygen contents.

Treats Many Ailments and Illnesses:

   1.  Addictions
   2. Alzheimer’s Disease
   3. Arthritic Joint Aches and Pains
   4. Asthma
   5. Blister
   6. Boils
   7. Bronchitis
   8. Burns
   9. Cancer
  11.Children’s Health Problems
  12.Cold & Sinusitis
  18.Eyes Insomnia
  19.Frozen Joints
  20.Hair Loss
  21.Heart Disease
  22.Low Metabolic Rates
  23.Men’s & Women’s Health Problems
  24.Mental Problems
  25.Migraine Headaches
  28.Regulates Blood Pressure

It Improves Overall Health:

Scalar Energy in now also used to treat even HIV positive patients.

Is it safe?

1. You can wear it 24x7 days.
2. To quote from the Dr. Barron Report, “Are the charged products safe? Absolutely! There is nothing unnatural about scalar energy. It has been around since the creation of the universe. It’s all a question of embedding healing/energizing frequencies.
3. It increased energy, strength, better control, flexibility, balance, focus and concentration.
4. Many well known sports personalities around the world in golfing, bowling, tennis, badminton, body building etc. using the Scalar Energy Pendant.